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CSV to GeoJSON converter


Generate a GeoJSON file from a CSV file in three easy steps. The CSV file will need to contain two columns that contain the coordinates.

1. Select a CSV file

We'll only work with it within your browser so you don't need to worry about anything getting uploaded. You could check it is a valid CSV file first with this handy tool from ODI HQ.

Drop CSV file here (or click to browse files)

2. Check the auto-detection of geography

We'll make a guess at the columns that contain the geography. We'll look for "Latitude" and "Longitude". If those don't exist we'll look for "lat/lon", "GeoX/GeoY", or "Easting/Northing" pairs. Your coordinates should either be in WGS84 coordinates or OS Grid References. If we've not been able to find the geography columns you may need to rename your column headings in the table so we can find them.

3. Save the GeoJSON file

or copy and paste the output into a file with a .geojson extension.