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Postcodes to IMD deciles


At the ODI Leeds #DiversityData event one group wanted to increase our knowledge of socio-economic diversity in organisations. The idea was to come up with a simple set of statistics inspired by the gender pay gap. How do we do that without lots of intrusive questioning of employees? One idea was to use Indices of Multiple Deprivation as a proxy; employee postcodes could be converted to IMD deciles and a simple 10 point histogram could be made for each organisation. Clearly this isn't perfect - IMDs were last created in 2015 and new housing developments mean some are out-of-date - but for large numbers of employees, it might be a good start. Before using this be sure to read our notes on protecting privacy.

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All data is on a spectrum but this project mostly uses data at the closed end. It is important to protect the privacy of personal data so none of the raw data you enter here gets uploaded to our server; it stays in the page. Obviously, we have to do a postcode lookup so we do that by requesting an entire postcode block e.g. all of LS (Leeds) or all of BD (Bradford) at a time. That way we can't know which postcode in that area you are finding the IMD decile for (that information stays in your browser window). You can also download a copy of this project to run entirely offline if that makes you feel more comfortable. You can also look at the source code to check what it is doing.