ODI Leeds

Postcodes to Latitude and Longitude


Have you got a CSV file with Postcodes and want to add Latitudes and Longitudes? Let us help with that. Add a CSV file below with a column titled Postcode and we'll add in Latitude and Longitude columns for you (or update them if they are empty).

Add a CSV file

Drop a CSV file here (or click to browse files). There should be a column headed Postcode.




We think privacy is very important. If your file contains postcodes that constitute personal data, you might be worried about using a web-based tool like this. However, we have designed this tool to minimise the privacy implications. None of the raw data you enter here gets uploaded to our server; it stays in your web browser. Obviously, we have to do a postcode lookup so we do that by requesting an entire postcode block e.g. all of LS (Leeds) or all of BD (Bradford) at a time. That way we can find the coordinates for the postcode in your browser without our server knowing anything other than the broad area. You can also download a copy of this project to run entirely offline if that makes you feel more comfortable. You can also look at the source code to check what it is doing.